Becoming a Chocolatier – Igniting Your Passion for Chocolate

By Sydney A. Jackson

If you have ever thought of becoming a chocolatier, here is the information you need to know.

First thing you should know is that it is easier than you think. Chocolatiers learn their trade from multiple sources. Some start by attending culinary schools around the world or in the US. Others are self taught. It all depends on your goals and your resources.

Do you want to become a Master Chocolatier or just a chocolate maker? Believe it or not there are major differences. You can become a chocolate maker with the minimum of training, but to become a Master Chocolatier takes extensive training and possibly even an apprenticeship with a master chocolatier. Either choice you make will require some type of training.

becoming a chocolatierNow with your passion stirred lets look at the second thing you should know, which is the start-up cost. One good thing about becoming a chocolatier is that the costs are extremely low compared with other culinary specialties. Many a good chocolatier started from their home and then expanded outward as their skills and business grew.

You could also start your training by doing online courses. By the time you finish with several classes, you will know what you really want to pursue – chocolate maker or master Chocolatier.

Once you decide, you can locate a culinary school that fits your needs. Many culinary schools offer degrees in the Pastry, Baking and Confectionery specialties. Notable schools are Ecole Chocolat, The Art Institutes, the Culinary Institue of America, just to name a few. There are schools in France, the UK, and of course Belgium. Every one has heard of Belgium chocolates. There are even chocolate schools in Australia.

Becoming a chocolatier  is like any other business in most aspects. It has up cycles and downtrends, but even in the current economic conditions the chocolate industry continues to grow. The big difference is that the cycles are mainly internal within the industry. Industry associations claim that the chocolate industry continues to grow by double digits every year.

Chocolate lovers like all types of treats. There are the standard, everyday chocolates that you find just about everywhere and then there are extremely high end gourmet or prestige chocolates, called artisan chocolates.

Since chocolate is a fairly inexpensive indulgence that people allow themselves to have, it stands to reason why the industry keeps growing.

So stoke the flames of your chocolate passion, find your training path with a culinary arts school — and then have the courage to take the next step. Do it now!

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