Culinary Arts Schools in Houston

Ever thought of becoming a world renowned chef? Thought of attending a culinary school close to home? Culinary Schools in Houston may be your answer if you live in the southwest United States.

Most people don’t think of Houston TX as being a place to have any notable culinary schools. This is where they would be wrong. There are even schools that rank in the top 50 culinary schools in the United States. Most notable of the culinary schools in Houston is the Culinary Institute LeNorte.

LeNorte offers a wide variety of programs from an Associate of Applied Science Degree in “Culinary Arts” or “Baking and Pastry Arts”,  to a less intensive Culinary Arts diploma. They provide some of the best training in the industry with a large focus on hands-on training.  They keep their class size small to promote interaction with their Chef-Instructors. LeNorte also assists with financial programs that fit a multitude of needs, and offers lifetime job career assistance.

There are other culinary schools in Houston as well. These include institutions such as the Art Institute of Houston. Having multiple culinary program offerings, the Art Institute of Houston stands out due to a Bachelor of Science in Culinary management.

They offer multiple certificate programs, as well as diploma programs with options to take evening courses, weekend courses and even study abroad programs. Their courses rely on a total immersion philosophy, including all aspects of the business side of the culinary arts. This broad base approach assures there is something for everyone looking at a culinary arts path in life.

Two other institutes of higher education that offer Culinary Degrees, diplomas or certificates in the Houston area are Galveston College and San Jacinto College. Each of these institutions has fairly broad curriculums in the culinary arts. Each offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts.

They both are community colleges which allow for financial assistance and scholarships. They both offer credit hours that will apply to Bachelor of Science degrees at 4 year universities. One aspect of starting at a community college is the academic advisory services they offer along the way. If you start out wanting to pursue one aspect of the culinary arts and decide to change your path there will be counselors ready to help guide you in the steps you will need to take.

Now you know a little more about what culinary schools in Houston offer, its time to take the next step. You just have to make the decision.

ìA journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.î ~ Lao Tzu