Culinary Arts Schools in Chicago

When you think of Chicago, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not culinary arts schools. Many don’t realize that there are number of culinary arts schools in Chicago, making it the mecca of the mid-west for culinary arts schools. Another little known fact is that Illinois hosts over 30 schools that offer Culinary Arts degrees or certificates. Many are State colleges or Technical Colleges.

Speaking of cuisine, Chicago and its surrounding areas is a melting pot of influences from just about every ethnicity imaginable. It also includes the abundance of classic American cooking. With so much diversity and fantastic food you will also find plenty of ìjoie de vivreî around the city. Good music, world-class theaters, internationally acclaimed museums and multiple culinary events are all part of the cultural influence that affects the cuisine. All of this adds flare to what you are taught to present by the culinary training programs.

There are of course institutions that truly stand out. There is the Art institute of Chicago, which offers a culinary arts program. Then there is Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts which is associated with its name sake in Paris, France.  This school has all the credentials necessary to be one of the premier culinary arts schools in the Nation.

Another highly accredited culinary arts school in Chicago is the French Pastry school. This school is known as an international institution of pastry arts education. Many of their instructors are world renowned award winning chefs. So if you are a pastry fiend or just have knack for baking,  you might find this program very rewarding.

One good thing about there being so many culinary programs in the Chicago area is that you can find one to suit your needs. Some schools offer night and weekend courses, while others even offer some of their classes online. Many of the schools also offer financial aid or assistance in finding financial aid as part of their services. The state run schools also have guidance counselors in case you are not quite sure the exact direction you want to take.

Now that you know there are so many schools that offer programs the next thing you must do is to act. The first step action is to take the step. Make your passion come alive by finding and enrolling in one of the many culinary arts schools in Chicago.