Culinary Schools in Minnesota

Tired of working an unfulfilling job? Have a passion for good food, desserts, chocolate, wines or cheeses? Do you consider yourself a Foodie with a need to go to the next level? Check out the culinary schools in Minnesota.

Due to the burgeoning tourism trade in Minnesota and continued growth of their cities, it only stands to reason that restaurants, wine bars, bakeries and so on will continue to open throughout the state. There are also several casinos that are always seeking quality chefs as well.

So why not become part of your passion. Take the next step. Enroll in one of the many culinary schools in Minnesota to become a top notch chef. It is never too late to chase your dreams.

Maybe you want to learn enough to open a restaurant or a bakery.   Maybe you want to achieve a degree in the Culinary Arts.  Whatever your desire in regards to your culinary passion, the first step is to take the step.   Now all you have to do is choose a school to make it happen.

There are several accredited Minnesota schools that offer degrees in the Culinary Arts, as well as others who offer certificates and or diploma programs. Some are well known due to their affiliations, others are regional schools or technical colleges.

Two of most noted culinary schools in Minnesota are Le Cordon Bleu and the Arts Institute of Minnesota. Both are affiliated with larger national and international programs that offer a myriad of choices when it comes to the culinary arts. From chef, to pastry chef, to master baker, and other choices, like chocolatier; there are plenty of avenues for you test you passion.

Then there are specialty schools such as the Asian Culinary Arts Institute which specializes in Asian cuisine. With half of the world’s population being of Asian descent, Asian cuisines are icons in the world’s eye.  Even though in the Asian cultures it is just considered home cooking, world renowned chefs are even combining these time honored foods with other cultural iconic foods to create Asian Fusion dishes.

Along with these three culinary schools, there are many others throughout the state. Many of the community colleges offer culinary programs where you can get an associate of applied science in the culinary arts or at the least a certificate for culinary arts. There are roughly 14 community colleges in Minnesota that offer some type of culinary arts programs.