How to Become a Chocolatier?

By Sydney A. Jackson

Ever wondered how to become a Chocolatier? Are you a Willy Wonka type and wish you could own your own chocolate factory? Or are you a specialty type person that enjoys very high end chocolates? These questions are important because there is a distinction between a simple chocolate maker and a master chocolatier.

Technically speaking, a chocolatier is part of the confectionery chef or pastry chef category. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a confectionery chef or a pastry chef to become a Chocolatier. You can actually self-study the art. There are some well known, award winning self-taught chocolatiers in the world of confections.

If self-study is not enough to take you where you want to go, the next step may be learning through online classes, such as Ecole Chocolat. They provide 100% online courses or you can attend classes at one of their international campuses in Canada, Belgium, France or Italy.

If you really want to become a master of chocolate, you can attend a culinary school that emphasizes chocolate making. Several culinary schools throughout the world offer programs designed for chocolatiers. These programs usually entail becoming a pastry chef or confectioner’s chef as the main culinary discipline, but will emphasize chocolate.

Once you have completed your education, the next step is to apprentice under a Master chocolatier. (see become a chocolatier)This step is not required of course, but is highly recommended. It will help you learn how to become a chocolatier extraordinaire.

chocolatier Whether you pursue your dreams as a chef or just a chocolatier, the passion for chocolatemust live within you. Some would even call it an obsession. Others would call it a dream profession.

There will always be plenty who wish to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There will always be those who love and enjoy a good piece of chocolate in any form. They will gather at your counter, looking through the glass, admiring the oh-so-yummy treats you have created.

Exactly how you choose to become a chocolatier (read about becoming a chocolatier) is entirely up to you, your budget and the level of knowledge you want to attain. Every time you bite into a piece of luscious, silky, intensely-flavored chocolate, consider how you might become a chocolate Master.

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