International Culinary Schools

Have you been contemplating an international culinary education to become a Chef? If you haven’t maybe you should. With Culinary schools all over the world why think only local. Check out these reasons to pursue your education internationally.

International culinary schools offer much more than just regional cooking. You will immerse yourself in the culture of the dishes you will be learning to cook. What better way to enjoy the ideas, flavors and ingredients than to experience them directly from the culture you choose to emulate through your cooking. You will learn new kitchen skills, techniques and ingredients based on where you attend as well. Almost every facet of you culinary skills will be challenged and influenced by where you attend school.

Attend an international culinary school in France or many of the other European schools and your cuisine will be heavily influenced by old world flavors and techniques still in use. Plenty of Sauces, reductions, alcohol based dishes and other world renowned favorites. Then there are the desserts! Rich, delicate, beautifully presented baked goods and pastries. If your passion is dessert, you may well want to study in the pastry schools of Europe.

Attend an international culinary school in Asia and your experience will shift based more on the unique and exotic ingredients that you will find. Some are found in no other places on earth. Preparation techniques are unique as well; think of Sushi or the deadly Fugu (blowfish). Then there is the traditional culinary art of Dim Sum that originated in Southern China. These ‘touch the heart’ dishes are influenced by the region of Asia you are in. Asian cuisine also takes on ideas from both traditional and nouveau ingredients and preparations allowing for many wonderful fusion dishes popping up.

Experience your education in the Americas and you will learn that it is a mix of the world based on influences of Africa, Europe, Asia and of course the native cultures. Preparations, techniques and ingredients vary so widely based on locality that an International Culinary education is almost a must if you truly want to master the different cuisines of the Americas.

Knowing that there are so many variations of ingredients and preparation techniques staying with a local US culinary institute may not be to your benefit. Culinary institutes all teach the basics but very few can immerse you in the culture of the types of food you wish to learn about. With that being said an international culinary education will offer opportunities to experience dazzling cities, world renowned chefs, Michelin Guide quality restaurants and cultural immersion like no other experience. Pursuing your education in an international city is an education that goes way beyond academics.