New York Culinary Schools

When one thinks of world class food and restaurants you have to include all the ones in New York.  You may be contemplating one of the many New York culinary schools or another culinary institute somewhere else in the US.  Maybe you have been thinking of a culinary career for a long time but just now mustered up the courage to take the next step.

So, now you are doing your research, which is a good thing.  You are now thinking about where you want to study.  Why not in New York?  Of course there is always the option of culinary study abroad, but why leave the US?   There is so much to offer right here.

In fact there are at least 20 New York culinary schools you could attend.  Some only take the most budding of students of course, others though realize that potential can come from anywhere at anytime.

The great thing is, with so many choices in New York,  you are bound to find a school that fits your needs.  Remember to think outside the box when you are looking at New York culinary schools. There are many schools all across the state that offer culinary programs.  Choose from a vocational college, a community college, universities or one of the private institutions that specialize in the culinary arts.     .

Many of the schools can boast about being some of the best in the entire world.   Famous culinary schools in New York include such schools as the Culinary Institute of America and the French Culinary Institute of New York.  One consideration you may need to look at when choosing a culinary school is what type of financial aid is available if you aren’t flush with tuition money.

A lot of the schools, including the state run and community college based programs can assist in finding scholarships and or grant money to help fund your education.    One of the last things you will need to consider when looking at one of the New York culinary schools is the degree, diploma or certificate program.

Not every school is created equal when it comes to this part.  Some offer fast track programs designed to teach you enough to get you employed.  Where as others offer full blown degrees in the culinary arts.   Some offers Associates degrees, while others offer Bachelors of Science.  So depending on your desires and time frame allotted you will need to weed out schools that fit your needs.

Just remember, this is a path.  One hopefully that will fulfill a deep passion and desire.  One that is driven by a love of food and a good sense of sensory perception.   Good Luck with your new path and remember…

“If you think you can, you can – If you think you can’t, you can’t.
Either way, you’re right!”  ~ Henry Ford